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RFPs: Strategic Execution

Enhance RFP responses by carefully choosing which to pursue, based on factors like solution fit and strategic alignment. Develop a centralized content library for efficiency and leverage team expertise for compelling content. Implement structured project plans and continuously refine best practices for improved organizational effectiveness.

Improving your RFP response is a continuous journey. For instance, a small, skilled team might handle a couple of RFPs per quarter, but with the right practices and software, like Arphie, they could manage up to 20 simultaneously. Here are some streamlined tips for better results:

Select RFPs Wisely

Not every RFP is worth responding to. Consider factors like your prior involvement with the issuer, solution fit, budget alignment, strategic relevance, and your team's capacity. This helps focus on winnable and relevant RFPs, avoiding inefficient use of resources.

Establish a Content Library

Create a central database for your RFP content, gathering and updating material from previous proposals for consistency and efficiency. This library should be well-structured, making it easy to find and reuse content, saving significant time. Software like Arphie can make this process dramatically easier than legacy software providers like RFPIO (Responsive) or Loopio.

Understand and Leverage Your Team

Identify and utilize the strengths of your stakeholders and subject matter experts. Build relationships and understand their expertise, preferences, and availability. This knowledge aids in creating compelling content and streamlining the response process.

Implement a Project Plan

Appoint a lead to manage the RFP process, organizing kickoff meetings to discuss timelines, responsibilities, and strategies. Maintain regular communication to keep everyone aligned and informed.

Iterate and Apply Best Practices

Continuously apply, review, and refine RFP best practices. As efficiency improves, these practices can be extended to other information requests like RFIs, RFQs, and DDQs, broadening their impact and enhancing overall organizational effectiveness.

RFPs: Strategic Execution
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