Arphie Product Overview

AI technology.

AI is a tool—not a replacement—for your intelligence and ingenuity. Arphie uses only your company's data to give you first-draft answers to RFP questions, while empowering you with the information to make every RFP a winner.


Migrate from legacy RFP software in minutes.

We know how much time you've spent maintaining your content library. Bring that information into Arphie — without losing any of your precious content — with just a few clicks.


Easy integrations with company repositories.

Stop spending time chasing SMEs for latest information. Connect directly with Google Drive, Notion, Sharepoint, Confluence, your product documentation webpages, and more — and choose exactly what you want to include.


Answer hundreds of questions in minutes.

Arphie's powerful AI engine will provide a first-draft answer to RFPs using your knowledge base, as well as connected data sources, showing sources used, and AI confidence level. Teams save 70%+ time, on average.


Make content management a breeze.

Gone are the days of pulling in an answer into an RFP, only to realize it's out-of-date. Arphie's AI engine will proactively suggest merging duplicate answers, updating old answers, improving grammar and readability, and more.

Arphie Additional Features

Enterprise-ready capabilities.


Add team members and grant roles (such as owner, writer, reviewer, and more) based on desired permissions. Comment on RFP questions, and tag team members.

Easy RFP Import

The process of importing a RFP into Arphie is a breeze. Arphie supports Excel and Word documents, as well as Google Sheets.

AI Customization

Fine-tune Arphie's AI autogeneration engine by providing RFP-specific instructions, ensuring answers are as great as possible, out of the box.

Rich Editing

Write and format responses with rich text editing, such as bold, italics, hyperlinks, and even nested heading formats. Embed images directly into responses.

Export In-Place

Export your completed RFP into the original Excel or Word document, ensuring compliance with your prospect or customer's procurement process.


Arphie takes security very seriously. Specify project-level security permissions to ensure the right team members have access to the right RFPs.

Arphie Resources


Learn about the latest, cutting-edge AI research applied to RFPs and questionnaires, as well as practical tips and tricks to win more proposals.