Arphie's Integrations

Supercharge your content library.

Gone are the days where your team spends days manually updating the content library with product updates and new information.

Connect pitch decks, product updates, product documentation, competitor battlecards, and more directly into Arphie.

Arphie will do the heavy lifting to parse through the information and use it for AI-generated first draft answers, and improve your saved Q&A library.

Key benefits:
Integrate with most sources in just a few clicks — minimal (or no) IT involvement
Connect with where SMEs store their information — no more manual content library updating
Full control over what sources, folders, and files are shared with Arphie
Use integrated data and Arphie's AI to answer RFPs and questionnaires
Arphie Resources


Learn about the latest, cutting-edge AI research applied to RFPs and questionnaires, as well as practical tips and tricks to win more proposals.