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Trustworthy, human-centered AI.

Get to a first draft 80% faster — letting you focus on important RFP strategy and tailoring to win themes.

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Borne from prior RFP writing experience.

Experienced in artificial intelligence, building technology products, go-to-market, and bid & proposal management.

A screenshot of the Arphie AI interface showing AI transparency features.

Transparent AI that you can audit

Breathe easy. Arphie eliminates the black-box problem of AI by showing the exact sources used to draft AI answers, as well as Arphie AI's confidence level.

Prevent made-up facts ("hallucinations"), typical of other AI systems
Your data will never be used to improve other customers' answers
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Solve your content library headaches

Still updating your Q&A library manually? Still chasing down your SMEs to get the latest information?

Arphie connects directly with your SME's sources to use the latest information in RFPs — and suggest answer updates and improvements.

Live connections to Google Drive, SharePoint, Confluence, and more
Reduce need to chase down SMEs for answers
Full control over which files, documents, and folders are shared and synced
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Screenshot of Arphie interface showing AI writing capabilities.

AI to get to a great RFP first draft

Think of Arphie as a junior writer you can guide to get a pink team first draft, letting you focus on what you do best — strategically incorporating win themes and polishing the RFP to maximize Pwin.

Powerful, yet intuitive AI writing capabilities
Trust-first approach to AI, showing information sources and AI confidence
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Arphie FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions, please reach out to the Arphie team.

I'm using another RFP software provider. How easy is it to switch?
What are Arphie's security practices?
How much time would I save by using Arphie?
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Learn about the latest, cutting-edge AI research applied to RFPs and questionnaires, as well as practical tips and tricks to win more proposals.